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Danfoss Link™
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Quick start guide

Online-quick guide

Follow the Quick start guide for setting up Danfoss Link™ – our online guide is available on your smartphone or tablet and guides you through the entire process.

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Latest Software


If your Danfoss Link™ CC Central Controller is connected to the WiFi, the software will update automatically.
The latest software version is version 4.2.1179
If your Danfoss Link™ CC Central Controller does not have a WiFi connection, you can update the software for your Danfoss Link™ model using a USB stick or SD card and download the software here:

Download latest software for Danfoss Link™ CC with WiFi (model 4) by USB stick (version 4.2.1179)
How can I check whether my Central Controller has a WiFi connection?
Overview of software


First, download the current version of the software to a USB clicking the relevant link.
Then go to your Central Controller and do the following:
1. Insert USB
2. Press the screen view Start mode
3. Select “House control”
4. Select “Settings”
5. Select “Wi-Fi and apps”
6. Select “App options”
7. Select “Software update”
8. Select “Update via USB”
9. Select “Update software now”
How do I check if my Central Controller is enabled for Wi-Fi?
Download latest software for Central Controller not Wi-Fi enabled (vers. 3.3.1)
Overview of software (English pdf)

Mini SD card

First, download the latest software version onto a mini SD card using the following link.
Then go to your Central Controller and do the following:

  1. Insert mini SD card
  2. Remove the front cover and hold the SETUP key down for three seconds to call up the installation menu
  3. Select "Software"
  4. Select "Software upgrade"
  5. Select "Start software upgrade"
  6. Select "Update software now"

Note: Central controllers from before 2010 sometimes use software version 1.x.x. In that case, you need to update your Central Controller to version 2.1.35 before updating to the latest software.
Download latest software (vers. 2.7.42)
Overview of software (English pdf)


Danfoss Link™ installation guides

Installation guides

Create your own user manual

With a customized user manual, you can find instructions and advice for finding the settings that fit your exact needs. Please select the heating devices you have bought and connected to your Danfoss Link™ and get a customized user manual by clicking "Create user manual".
Create your user manual for Danfoss Link™
Please download your installation guide here
Danfoss Link™ Starter Pack (Central Controller & 3 Connect Thermostats) data sheet
Danfoss Link™ Connect radiator Thermostat data sheet
Danfoss Link™ Room Sensor data sheet


Does Danfoss Link™ work with non-Danfoss systems?

Does Danfoss Link™ work with non-Danfoss systems, such as Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings and other systems?

Danfoss Link™ is compatible with the following home heating products – see the link here . Danfoss Link™ cannot be connected to other non-Danfoss systems such as Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings.

How do I check if my CC has Wi-Fi?

There are two ways to check if your Danfoss Link CC supports Wi-Fi.

Check the label on the back of the Danfoss Link CC. 
The Danfoss Link CC version should be 4.

If your CC is fully installed and powered you can also follow the screenshots here to identify Wi-Fi support.

1. Click on the main screen

2. Click "House Control"

3. Find and click "Settings"

4. Look for "Wi-Fi and Apps". 
If it is visible then Danfoss Link CC has Wi-Fi support.

 If your Danfoss Link CC Panel has no Wi-Fi option, and you would like to replace it with the new one(with Wi-Fi option available),  please contact your Installer.

If your Danfoss Link CC has Wi-Fi you can control your Danfoss Link system from an App on your phone or tablet if you have at least Android 4.1 or iOS 8.0 installed.

Future software updates will automatically be downloaded to your Danfoss Link CC enabling new features and improvements.

How do I enable Wi-Fi?

1. Click the main screen once.


2. Click "House Control"

3. Find and click "Settings"

4. Click "Wi-Fi and Apps"

5. Click "On"

6. Read and accept "Disclaimer"

7. Select your "Wi-Fi Network" and click "Connect".

8. A new screen appears where you can enter your Wi-Fi password and accept it. 

9. The Danfoss Link CC will now connect to your Wi-Fi network and if your password is correct you should momentarily receive a notification that network is connected. Accept the notification and press back to continue.

10. You should now be able to see the following screen:

Please try to search for the Wi-Fi network one more time. Please note that if you have a hidden network (SSID Broadcast disabled) then your network is not shown on the network list. You have to make your Wi-Fi network visible (SSID Broadcast enabled). When the Danfoss Link CC is connected to your Wi-Fi you can afterwards hide your Wi-Fi network again if needed by consulting the manual of your Wi-Fi router. If you are unsure on how to configure your Wi-Fi router we recommend you contact the provider of your router.

Where can I download the Danfoss Link App?

The Danfoss Link App is available from Google Play and App Store on iTunes.

Keyword to search for is "Danfoss Link".


The minimum requirements are iOS 8.0 or Android 4.1 .

1. Downloading app from App Store

  1. Make sure you have Internet connection.

    2.  On the iPhone/iPad desktop click on the Apple Store icon:

   3.  The application will open 

   4.  Search for the application >> on top right type in the name of the application (Danfoss Link) and press Search

   5.  Choose the application you need. When you click on the app, you will get the application's page (you can find there description, screenshots, requirements and option to download the app).

   6.  Once App is downloaded, the Installation flag will change to open. The application icon is now available on the iPhone/iPad desktop.

2. Downloading app from Google Play

  1. Make sure you have Internet connection.

    2.  On the phone/tablet desktop click on the Google Play (Play Store) icon:

   3.  The application will open 

   4.  Search for the application >> on top right click magnifying glass then type the name of the application (Danfoss Link)

   5.  Choose the application you need. When you click on the app, you will get the application's page (you can find there description, screenshots, requirements and option to download the app).

   6. Once App is downloaded the application icon is available on the phone/tablet desktop.

Once you open the App for the first time the Danfoss Link App will show a step by step guide on how to add the App to the Danfoss Link CC. For video guide please open here

What is Living Zone?

Living Zone is a quick way to control the heating of where you live and directly from the Danfoss Link App.

Specifically it is a list of rooms sharing the same heating schedule for when you are at home and away or asleep.

You can access the Living Zone heating schedule as described here:

1. Click on the center of the main screen of the Danfoss Link App.

2. Click on the list of rooms in the Living Zone. 

3. Click on the day you want to view.

4. If needed change the schedule.
The day schedule can be copied to other days by clicking "Copy"

It is also possible to have an individual heating schedule for an individual room by deselecting the room from the Living Zone (Please note: at least one room must remain in the Living Zone at all times). This can be done from the Danfoss Link CC using the following steps:

1. Click on the display.


2. Choose "House Control".

3. Choose "Heating Control".

4. Choose "Living Zone".

5. Choose "Select Rooms".

6. A list of rooms will be presented. Deselect the room or rooms that should have an individual heating schedule.

Please note: at least one room must remain in the Living Zone at all times.

I have no connection to Danfoss Link CC

Check your smartphone or Device

In case of a lost connection to the Danfoss Link App check that your device/ Smartphone are connected - a ‘lost connection’ notice will show on the screen. Follow the device message to reconnect to the network.

Check your Danfoss Link CC connection

There are many factors that might cause your Danfoss Link CC to be off-line occasionally. Before spending the time troubleshooting your home network, you should verify that one of these more common issues aren’t causing the problem:

  1. The connection to the Internet at your home is down
  2. A power failure at home
  3. There is a problem with your Wi-Fi router

You can test this by verifying that your phone can connect to the Internet via the same Wi-Fi network.

If you are still experiencing problems – check these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Restart Wi-fi Router and/or Access point
  2. Check Wi-Fi signal strength at Danfoss Link CC – Try moving the Danfoss link CC closer to the router, if successful this may show that the signal strength is not strong enough to reach where you would like to locate your unit.
  3. Check the router parameters – the table below shows the recommended settings for the Danfoss Link CC.
  4. Try to connect the Danfoss Link CC to a mobile hotspot using your smartphone
  5. Restart the Danfoss Link CC
  6. Check for 2.4 GHz interference – There is more details below about the types of devices that could be interrupting the signal.
  7. Check the parental controls on your Wi-Fi router/access point and other firewall settings (Refer to your Wi-Fi router documentation to see if this feature is enabled on your network and how you can exempt the Danfoss Link CC from these restrictions).
  8. Update your Wi-Fi access point or router’s firmware


Recommended Wi-Fi / Router setting for use with Danfoss Link CC





Any Unique name





Frequency (*)

2.4 GHz

The Danfoss Link CC can only support 2.4 GHz

2.4 GHZ mode (*)


Do not use N only mode

Security (*)

WPA2 Personal (AES)

Do not use mixed mode WPA/WPA2

Channel (*)

Fixed (channel 1,6.or 11)

Use one of the channels (1,6 or 11) with least interference

2.4 GHz channel width (*)

20 MHz

Do not use 40 MHz

MAC address authentication or filtering





Only one DHCP server per network

Ports used

80 and 443


 (*) Key settings


- Refer to your Wi-Fi router documentation to learn how to update your settings.

- WPA2 Personal is currently the strongest form of security offered by Wi-Fi products, and is recommended for all uses.

Danfoss Link is using a Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz, and other home products might be using the same 2.4 GHz frequency-band, and might disrupt your Wi-Fi network. Try turning off any products that might interfere with the Wi-Fi wireless connection, like:

    • Cordless phones
    • Burglar alarm system w. room IR sensors
    • Baby alarms (Monitors)
    • Microwave ovens
    • Bluetooth devices
    • Wireless audio/video equipment

Once you have a working internet connection on both Danfoss Link CC and your smartphone device, then you can use the Danfoss link App anywhere. If you using the Danfoss Link App in a different country than where you live then please be aware that roaming fees may apply for your internet connection.

In case of connection issues please make sure that your phone or tablet is connected to internet using Wi-Fi or mobile data connection and that the Danfoss Link CC has access to Wi-Fi with working internet.

What happens when I buy a new smartphone?

When you buy a new smartphone you have to establish connection between Danfoss Link™ CC and the new smartphone. Even though all App’s are restored via the cloud solution, then the pairing must be done again. The App will of course guide you through the menu in Danfoss Link™ CC to locate the pairing code.

On/Off Devices?

In the current Link App version, it is possible to control On/Off devices. The On/Off Devices are Danfoss Link™ PR and Danfoss Link™ HR, 1st generation only. These relays have been phased out and we are currently developing new PR, which we aim to launch in first quarter of 2018. HR will be discontinued.                           

Until then follow the product launch of the new relays on

How do I change the temperature for a room?

The desired temperatures for when you are at home and away or asleep can be set individually for each room using the Danfoss Link App.

1. Access the right side panel of the Danfoss Link App.


2. You now have two options. Click on a room name to view both "At home" and "Away and Asleep" temperatures for that room or click on the pencil to change the current temperature for any room on the list.

3. Change the temperatures.

What to do if I am unsure if my heating system is working optimally?

Please visit for more information on how to improve your comfort or contact the installer who provided the heating system.

What is Manual Temperature?

Manual temperature can be used for when the heating schedule is not needed in an individual room or the Living Zone.

Manual temperature is particular useful if you have a guest room that is rarely used. The heating schedule could be active when the guest is staying in the room and when the guest leaves you could switch to a lower manual temperature saving you energy.

Please note that any room can be changed into an Individual room by following the instructions in this article: What is Living Zone?

Manual temperature for an individual room can be activated as described here:

1. Access the right side panel of the Danfoss Link App.

2. Scroll down to the "Individual rooms" section. 
Click on the room name of interest.

3. Slide "Manual temperature" from "Off" to "On" 

4. "Manual temperature" is now activated.
Choose a different manual temperature if needed.

Can I control more than one Danfoss Link CC from the Danfoss Link App?

Yes. You can control multiple Danfoss Link CC from the App by adding another location. You may add up to 20 locations on one Danfoss Link App. One Danfoss Link can be controlled by up to 20 smartphones. Three users may use the App simultaneously on the same Danfoss Link CC (location). 

1. Access the left side panel of the App. Click "Settings".

2. Click "Add new location".

3. Follow the guide that is presented to you.

I am replacing my Danfoss Link CC and I am concerned about my settings

All your existing Danfoss Link and living products needs to be reset and connected to your new Danfoss Link CC.

If you are unsure on how to do this you can consult smartheating.danfoss.comfor more information or contact the installer who provided you with the system for further assistance.

You can use the Danfoss Link App to quickly setup the heating schedule according to your needs.

Latest Software

Danfoss Eco with Bluetooth automatically updates the software in the Danfoss Eco App via Bluetooth.

The App tells the user when new software is available. Installation of the software takes approximately 1 minute.

Guide to software updates
Overview of software versionsModell 2) herunterladen (Version 2.7.42)

Danfoss Eco™ installation guides


Where do I find the user guide?

Where do I find the user guide? click here

Can I use the thermostat without an App/Smartphone ?

Yes, if the thermostat haven’t been connected with an App, then it will operate as a standard thermostat. The set point in the display will be the temperature target. It is not possible to do schedule programming directly on the thermostat.

The display is turned upside down – can I change it?

Yes, the display can be rotaded 180 degrees. Please go to the full user guide for further instructions.

Is it possible to manage more than one location with the same App?

It is possible to control as many locations as you like although it is not possible to group thermostats, so you need to know which ones you have in you primary home and which ones you have in your second home.

How many thermostats can I control from the same App/Smartphone?

You can control one thermostat at the time, and pair up to 100 devices*, so you can switch between thermostats that are within Bluetooth range.

*Each paired thermostat requires 5 kb free space on the smartphone  

What to expect in terms of range between the App and the thermostat?

The range depends on the surroundings and building construction, but as a rule of thumb, the range should be up to 10m.

Will my smartphone support the Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth is supported on smartphones from iPhone 4S and Android devices with software versions from 4.4. For tablets please refer to manufacturers information.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a short-range radio frequency that operates on 2,4 GHz and is capable of transferring data between two devices. Bluetooth smart is especially known for very low energy consumption. The maximum range is approx. 10 meters depending on the surroundings and building construction.

Can I buy Danfoss Eco™ first and then buy Danfoss Link™ Central Controller later?

No. Eco™ is a stand-alone product. You need to use Connect Thermostat for Danfoss Link™.

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